Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Petition to Ban Paradise Now

I recently heard of the website which has tons of online petitions on the site...everything from "Save Rocky" (a pit bull that Ontario has ordered euthenized) to "Brian is the Coolest" (a petition to the world to let everyone know some random guy named Brian Moore is the coolest person in the world).

Well, a very strong and active petition on the board is for the Revokation of the Paradise Now Oscar Nomination. Paradise Now is about two Muslim men that are childhood friends who are chosen for a suicide bombing mission in Tel Aviv.

The film's controversy largely stems from Jewish people who are disgusted from the sympathy and understanding given to Muslim suicide bombers.

The petition for the films dis-nomination comes from a mother of a woman who's son was killed on a bus by a suicide bomber.

Her letter is a very moving piece and contains some interesting points and emotion. Here is an interesting and thoughtful except to perhaps give some perspective on her part...

What makes this movie award-worthy? Would the people that awarded this
movie the Golden Globe do the same if the movie was about young people from
Saudi Arabia who learn how to fly airplanes in the USA and then use Islamic
rituals to prepare themselves for their holy mission, crashing their airplanes
into the Twin Towers in New York City? Would this movie get an award then?

This movie tries to say that suicide murder is legitimate when you feel you
have exhausted all other means. But a suicide murderer who boards a bus kills 15
or 20 innocent people, so how about a suicide murderer who walks into a city
with a biological bomb and kills 10,000 people or 100,000 people? Is that still
legitimate? Where does one draw the line?

But I have to say, that I think this petition perhaps only serves to create more controversy which will only expand the audience, and give it more attention (not less).

Currently 12,267 have signed this online petition.


Anonymous said...

I think Jewish Cub Scout awards like the Maccabee Medal should be discontinued. OR let's have some Muslim Cib Scout Awards!

Surendra Singhi said...

Its the crime or acts which should be hated or loathed not its perpetrators.