Tuesday, February 28, 2006

You Can Have your Peeps and Eat Them Too?

I read about this in Inc. Magazine of all places. But in 2003 apparently the world rejoiced when they saw the Peeps brand duck parade down the streets of New York. (The Peeps Marshmallow duck was there in celebration of it's 50th anniversary).

Apparently the CEO's of Just Born, Inc. (the makers of these lovely confectionaries) decided that people liked the peeps image. And people began asking for the rights to the image (of course, at a price).

Well...according to the peeps spring press release, it's 2005 product line was a success. (Apparently 2005 products like pens, bean bags, stationary and Easter Cards are returning).

But according to the website, these are the new products available this easter:

  • Novelty Toys, Arts and Crafts, and Activities products
  • Balloons – large and small inflatables for indoor and outdoor use
  • Books for kids – coloring, activity, and board books
  • PEEPS® book highlighting the pop culture phenomenon of the PEEPS® brand
  • Giftware – picture frames, vases, and planters
  • Outdoor d├ęcor – door signs, lawn signs, light sets, garden flags, and stakes
  • Novelty confection products
  • Kitchen goods – towels, pot holders, oven mitts, tablecloths, and placemats
  • Bath and beach towels
  • Apparel – T-shirts, hats, visors, loungewear, daywear, socks, and slippers
  • Stationery – notepad, pen, pad & pen set, pencil & eraser set, and stickers
  • Party goods – plates, napkins, greeting cards, and gift wrap
  • Jewelry – Italian gold charms at www.italiangoldcharms.com
  • Cosmetics – lip gloss, lip balm, and cosmetic sets
I was telling a teenagers at my school this today and his response: "I bet that makes Jesus really proud"

I've posted a picture of one of the lovely italian gold peeps charms available. Buy your own here. I also am really looking forward to my own peeps placemats, vases, gift wrap and lounge wear.


Sher said...

Ask Bennett about his Peeps experience in Georgia!

Moe said...

YUCK! I buy them for my kids and hubby at Easter and that's it. I saw them at Christmas and thought well maybe for their stockings, then I said no, once a year is enough!

Anonymous said...

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