Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's Hard Out There for A South African Thug

My wife and I saw the Academy Award winning foreign film Tsotsi (from South Africa) at the theater the other night.

The movie is really good. Some of the reasons I enjoyed this Oscar winning foreign film:

  • It wasn't trite
  • I knew that the things I wanted to happen were were not realistic and the movie didn't give into those desires
  • The story has a number of moments that communicate strongly with out any exchange of words at all
  • It was filmed beautifully
  • It spoke on so many important themes including the power of love and family over evil, as well as redemption.

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Frank Partisan said...

See: http://molarawood.blogspot.com/2006/03/how-tsotsi-was-born.html#links

I added a link to your blog at mine, to remind me to visit.

Steve Middleton said...

Good you liked this film - as I did too. I commented on the lack of white characters - and having seen a review on the BBC I think this was intentional to show that in the new South Africa not everything is about race - there is conflict too between the dispossessed of the townships & the relatively rich middle class blacks who have now acquired the wealth/lifestyle of their former white rulers.

Anonymous said...

Wow, we liked it for the same exact reasons. Tsotsi was THAT powerful!