Thursday, April 20, 2006

6 Survivors Left - Survivor Predictions Update

On February 1st I predicted who I thought would be the final 4 on survivor 12 panama: exile island even before the season started...

I predicted that the final four would be Aras, Bruce, Bobby and Sally...and two weeks in a row I have lost two of my predicted final four...Sally who toughed it out much longer than you could have thought...and then tonight Bruce had to be sent off the island for severe bowel and intestinal blockage...yikes! (Not quite as dramatic as when Michael Skupin fell into the fire in Survivor II: The Australian Outback).

So now only Aras of my initial predictions is I am going to have to go with Aras as my prideful hope for a winner.

I also said in my Februrary 1st predictions that: "I don't think Shane, Terry or Cirie have a chance." Well now with only 6 contenders left all three of these people are in and I think we can all see that Terry and Cirie certainly have a foolishness.

My prideful side's cheering for Aras, but the rest of me is cheering for Terry and Cirie.

In lieu of Shane Powers and his wife discovered these three links today:

Enjoy if you care.

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Anonymous said...

I know. I had Tina, Misty, Nick, and Bruce all lasting for a good long time, and only one of them even made the merge. At least you're still in it with Aras.

Thank your wife for finding all of those Shane links. I'm cracking up over the fact that he misspelled the name of his hometown at his MySpace site ("Omha, Nebraska").


Anonymous said...


poppedculture said...

I think Terry has a chance - the only way they can get ride of him is if he loses two immunities in a row and seeing as he hasn't lost any yet it seems unlikely. He should be able to convince someone to vote with him to get themselves into the final four.

Cowtown Pattie said...

Shane gives me gas...and Terry is ruthless, but hey, that's the game.

I am kinda hoping for Aras or Cirie