Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jesus Walked On Ice (Not on Water)

Did you know Jesus walked on ice?

Well, because a Oceanography professor at Florida State University did a study on atmospheric pressure and water in Northern Israel lead physorg.com to publish an article that states that: "...it's more likely that [Jesus] walked on an isolated patch of floating ice."
And if this were not ridiculous enough...the story has also been picked up by CNN.

The professor who did this ridiculous study is Doron Nof, who published his article in the Journal of Paleolimnology. Nof isthe same professor who's research I learned about in college. In the early 1990's Nof did a popular study that showed how wind and sea conditions could have naturally caused the parting of the Red Sea.

I don't understand Nof...he believes in the biblical history enough to want to prove how Jesus' miracles could have actually happened, but not as miracles at all. Can he, Florida State University, the Journal of Paleolimnology and CNN not step back enough to see the ridiculousness of this.

All I know is that there is a lot of notariaty in reinventing new explinations of Biblical History: Holy Blood, Holy Grail, Da Vinci Code, The Jesus Papers. Also Kanye West might write a new song called "Jesus Floats."

Found this first at //re:generative divergence.

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Paula said...

If it isn't impossible, it isn't a miracle, is it?

Cindy Swanson said...

Hi RC...just wanted to say "thanks" for commenting on my blog! Yours looks very interesting!

Kimberly Ann said...

The other night my best friend and I were talking about society's growing fascination (or resurgance of)with Christianity and Jesus. Jesus walked on ice? Come one...how can you prove anything with ice...it melts and disappears. Nof is quite ridiculous.

Richard McElroy said...

Although I tend to believe that Jesus walked on water in it's liquid form wouldn't it be miraculous enough that the conditions would be just so that ice would form? That's the part that makes me shake my head. Solid, liquid or gas, whatever he walked on it would have been a miracle.

Laura Springer said...

RC, As you so succinctly said in your comment on my blog (thanks, btw), it required more faith to believe that Jesus--the creator--walked on ice. There is much more to explain if he walked on ice: why Peter got in trouble for lack of faith, why the seasoned fishermen did not notice the ice, why the Creator needed ice to walk on (your point... good one!).

Anonymous said...

How funny to use a picture from Ice Age 2!

Anonymous said...

Of course I understand that all of this is pretty ridiculous. But still, I don't want to speak negatively about Nof, or even CNN.
They are interested in Jesus! Halleluja!
I want to pray for them, so that the Holy Spirit can build on this interest, and convince their hearts that Jesus really IS the Son of God that DID perform lots of miracles. And also, let's start praying for miracles, and doing brave things in faith, so that God's glory can be seen and heard of even here in the Western hemisphere.
Thanks for posting this, it was really itneresting.

Anonymous said...

Jesus walking on ice is not nearly as ridiculous as Jesus walking on water. The former is at least compatible with reality and physics, the latter is not. Nevertheless, the most likely explanation is that the entire story is a myth and that the real, historical Jesus walked on neither ice nor water.