Sunday, June 25, 2006

Paper Boats and Other Photographs

For the past couple months our church has had a photography exhibit open to church members. The theme of the submissions was to answer the question:
"What Does Lost Look Like?"

There were 22 different people that submitted photos and tonight we had gallery night were people came to look and discuss the pictures.

The pictures varied. Many people had pictures of people from around the world. Some people took pictures of large churches, that in all their splendor no longer attracted people to worship God but instead charged an admission for people to view their splendor.

I took a picture of a few high schoolers at the school I teach at. The kids faces are barely visible, what you see is them with paper boats releasing them down the side of a street filled with rain water. The title of my picture was "These Too Are Like Paper Boats."

It was very neat to be able to share my photo (although I was reluctant to do so) and be able to see the photos of others also. It was all remarkably personal. I wish you could have been there.

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Jon said...

I want to see it!