Monday, July 24, 2006

Church Sign #17

Is this sign describing the pastor or alerting us to the topic of next weeks sermon?

Haven't posted one of these for awhile. See actual church signs that make you laugh or say "hum" then snap a picture and e-mail them to me at

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Ando said...

lol. That's pretty good.

jasdye said...

i just think the name gaylord hatler (say that several times fast) is funny.

but yeah, you're right, the question is, do you put a period or a comma after the reverend's name?

(i'll refuse jokes about the DOC at this point)

KFarmer said...

I live in the South so I have witnessed plenty of funnies- I will snap you a picture when one strikes my funny bone :)

AWG said...

Observing church signs are a hobby of mine.

Magnus said...

"When Life Needs Rebooting, Jesus Saves" - tha one is on a Presbyterian sign near where I live. It's kitty-corner to a Mosque.