Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Will Catch A Fire Be Hotstuff?

In 2002 Phillip Noyce directed two of my favorite films, The Quiet American (a unique Vietnam war movie staring Michael Caine and Brendon Fraser) and Rabbit-Proof Fence (a moving film about 3 girls who trek across the Australian Outback for their own personal freedom).

Noyce's 2002 stories dealt with socio-political issues, and so it is not surprising that his most recent project Catch A Fire (formerly called Hotstuff) deals with such issues in Apartheid-era South Africa.

Catch a fire stars Tim Robbins as a South African policeman and tells the story of his Patrick Chamusso (Derek Luke) as Robbins character investigates Chamusso and his family.

This film comes out later this year (limited release in October) and it seems like this political thriller has some potential to capture some raw emotions and bring to life a picture of what was going on in 1980s South Africa.

At this point in the year, no one really seems to be talking about it, but if this movie is intriguing and powerful it certainly could receive some award buzz by year end.

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Anonymous said...

I'm certainly glad he changed the name. I felt a little weird putting Hotstuff on my list of films to see. :-)

jasdye said...

i've yet to see any of Noyce's work. however, knowing that South Africa is still working through the ramifications of centuries long colonial and minority-rule (in some ways being much more upfront about the racist past and the impact that carries through today than the US is), i'm curious as to why US citizens are portraying the lead characters.


Out Of Jersey said...

I have yet to see Rabbit Proof fence, it is definately worth it?

By the way, sorry it took so long, added you to the blog roll. Welcome to the world of the cube head.

JW said...

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if this gets huge award buzz. Its got baity subject matter and it's pretty much the only horse Focus has in play this year (unless Hollywoodland turns out well).

PS: It looks like you got hit with one of the exact same comment spamming bots that recently hit me. You might want to turn on comment verification.