Friday, September 08, 2006

Mary: Perhaps the role Castle-Hughes was Made For

Watching Whale Rider the again recently, it made me very excited about seeing Keisha Castle-Hughes in the movie The Nativity Story due out in December.

Whale Rider, is such a beautifully unique story. Although sometimes Whale Rider doesn't know what type of film it wants to be, jumping in episodic ways from relational drama to family comedy to mythological saga.

Yet through out all of these different tones, Keisha Castle-Hughes is capable of hitting the mark as the uniquely complicated, but often simple, character Paikea.

It is my hope in Catherine Hardwicke's film, that Castle-Hughes will perform the role of Mary (mother of Jesus) which as much complicated simplicity.

In fact, I think there are many similarities between the roles. The character of Paikea and Mary both have a simple-complex story. They are females called in unorthodox ways to help play a vital role in the salvation (symbolic and spiritually) of their people. There service is not out of selfish ambition but out of humility and honor to something beyond themselves, and a deeper calling.

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janamichelle said...

i have started going to your site when i want to know a good movie to watch :) so we watched the whale rider last night.