Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Pursuit of Sappyness

I'm not usually one who's into happy holiday movies. I don't mind seeing them, but I rarely look forward to them.

Yet, for some reason the movie The Pursuit of Happyness staring Will Smith, and his son Jaden Smith is intriguing to me. (Coming out Dec 15, 2006)

Based upon the trailer, the film looks like a feel good drama about a father who wants to get custody of his son, and pursues a professional career in order to get his life together in order to get custody of his son and raise him the way he wants to.

Why, am I interested in this film...I don't even know why. Will Smith looks like he does a good job in the role and well, it looks familiar (almost like Raising Helen or something) but at the same time there's something about it that feels different, and that combination of similar/different is attractive...even if it does look a little bit sappy.

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Anonymous said...

My wife read this book earlier this year, and told me all about how much she loved it. And THEN we found out they were making a film adaptation of it.
So I'm already biased toward thinking it's gonna be great.

Kirsten said...

I saw this preview last month, and while most of the movies coming out lately seem rather blah, this one intrigued me, too.

Out Of Jersey said...

I saw an interview with the real guy. I don't think this can do it justice, but I could be wrong. The guy really did it.

F.J. Delgado said...

Looks promising... it certainly seems to be a departure from the characters Smith usually plays.

jasdye said...

would his profession of choice be as the child's nanny?

'cuz THAT would be funny.

Camera Obscura said...

Gak, anybody besides me think the gray hair and 'stache makes him look like Jesse Jackson?

AWG said...

I've always liked Will Smith. It's funny, because I remember buying the 45 to "Parents Just Don't Understand" back in '88 and loving it!!!

Ryan said...

I'm VERY excited to see this

Paula said...

Holy cow. I just watched the trailer and I'm already bawling into my morning coffee.

The thing that gets me...overcoming hardship for your own self is one thing, but struggling through with a child and keeping your spirits up for their sake...that is a level of sacrifice that, unless you have a child yourself, you may not understand.

*runs off to find a kleen-ex*

Chase Roper said...

I think all of Will Smith's movies have been great!

Well, let me rephrase that.

I think Independence Day was great!