Sunday, October 15, 2006

Richard Griffiths Campaigned as Lead Again

In my October supporting actor predictions post, I included Richard Griffiths in the supporting catagory receiving a nomination. But after receiving glowing press, Fox Searchlight has put Richard Griffiths back in the lead catagory for the role which won Griffith's a Tony Award.

This is an interesting choice, because the field for best supporting actor has a lot of potential nominees, with really none positioned as locks, except maybe Jack Nicholson for his role in The Departed.

The best actor catagory certainly could have some room for Griffiths with the only lock being Forrest Whitiker from The Last King of Scotland. Who knows how this will play out for Griffiths? A nomination may be easier in the lead catagory, but I think a win will be much harder.

(image from LA Times' Gold Derby)

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Anonymous said...

I agree (I also have Griffiths on my lead actor predicted list). It seems like either Whittaker or O'Toole are going to win in the lead category. As far as supporting, I think Nicholson, Murphy, & Pitt are close in being considered locks, but none of them are being touted as frontrunners for the win. He may have had a shot for it all as supporting but if his performance is truley a "lead" performance than he should be campaigned as a lead.

Whittiker & especially Streep should be campaigned in the supporting categories because they are not the leads in their respective films.

Out Of Jersey said...

I am interested to see if Forrest Whitaker would win the award. I was never a huge fan of his until I saw him give an unbelievably heart breaking performance in Smoke.

Emma said...

No! I've seen this movie, and he is not Zummering lead!

Anonymous said...

I love Richard Griffiths. My favorite performances are in Pie In The Sky (a BBC series) and as Uncle Monty in Withnail and I.

jasdye said...

i haven't seen any of the other referenced roles yet, except for whittaker's. i'd give him an award. very visceral, very compelling, very close, very good.