Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fanning vs. Fanning: Best Picture Nominated Films

Frequent young artist award winner, and even Screen Actor's Guild nominee Dakota Fanning has certainly played a wide range of roles from War of the Worlds, I am Sam, Cat in The Hat, etc.

Yet, younger sister Elle Fanning has her own 1-up on older sister Dakota. Elle has appeared in a Best Picture nominated film, Babel. Sure Elle may not yet be a member of the academy like big-sister Dakota, but if Reservation Road does receive a best picture nod, Elle will have appeared in 2 best picture nominated films.

Dakota's child molestation picture Hounddog doesn't look like it'll be scoring with this years academy, but Elle's supporting role may put her in a 2nd academy best picture nominated film.

At this point Dakota has more notoriety, but come on Elle, celebrate in your successes like this one.

The race is on.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i dont think that the fanning sisters should have it put in there head by the MEDIA that they rivals... Decota and elle are sisters.. yea sure one of decotas flims may not be the greatest but she is a wise girl.. and elle is just trying to follow in her big sisters steps.. i highly doubt that she is trying to be better than decota... they are equals... there both beautiful girls and they both will go far in life... but the media should really back off of celebrity's business cuz all the media does is makes things worse and thats not good. well i think elle will be just as successful in life as decota is... keep up the great films decota and elle