Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Water Horse Head - Inspired by a Pizza Hut Prize?

Maybe it's just me, but every time I see a still image from the movie The Water Horse: Legend of The Deep, I always think of the Pizza Hut Puppets that were so popular in the time when Pizza Hut and the prehistoric struggles of Littlefoot, Petrie, Spike, Cera & Ducky were in their prime.

I know the popular analogy is to compare the story of Water Horse to ET (just as people compare Wall-E to ET). But in the look of the glossy head of the Lochness Monster in the WWII Scotland movie reminds me of the glossy heads of the plastic toys from 1988. Maybe it's just me.

I wanted to see what the head was made of and just did a quick little google search, that proved pretty fruitless. Except for the fact that I saw that one of the waterhorse model heads is for sale on ebay. (Pictured left). This head must belong to adult version of the Water Horse (note the larger Mohawk) and is guessed to be made out of fiberglass...but what is the cute plasticy head made of of? Latex? Silicon? No clue, but currently the ebay auctioned head is less than a dollar.

Pizza Hut Puppet Image found
here, with an original Pizza Hut/Land Before Time Commercial.


Terence Towles Canote said...

I never thought of it, but the Water Horse's look is a bit reminiscent of the old plastic toys of the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties. I wonder if that was done on purpose?

Fletch said...

I thought Wall-E was the child of "Number 5" from Short Circuit - never thought of the E.T. connection.

Dad said...

I would say that the head is made of bits of information compiled on a computer. I doubt they used any puppetry or models in this one. That is so 20th century.

Aren't those PH puppets from the Land Before Time movies?

RC said...

yep bennett, they're land before time toys.

back when there was only 1 movie, not 9 more sequels.

Unknown said...

Can i have the link to the head?? im a huge fan and i love the water horse :)