Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brolin: Not Just Bush - Also Assassin Dan White

In 2007 Josh Brolin's played strong characters in violent films American Gangster, No Country For Old Men, In the Valley of Elah and Grindhouse.

Forget violence, Brolin has new controversial roles to dabble in.

I mentioned just the other day that Brolin will also play the role of George W. Bush in Oliver Stone's upcoming film Bush.

Yet, before Brolin stirs up controversy as a commander-in-chief he will play another controversial role, in what certainly has potential to be a controversial film, called Milk.

Josh Brolin will be acting along a slew of talented male actors in a film about the assassination of Harvey Milk and George Mascone by Dan White (pictured right) in 1978. Brolin will be playing Dan White.

Harvey Milk was the the first openly gay supervisor of San Fransisco, the self-described "mayor of Castro Street." Harvey Milk will be played by Sean Penn.

Senate minority leader-turn Mayor, George Mascone was also assassinated by White, and in the film "Milk" will be played by Victor Garber.

It's interesting to me that Brolin would play Dan White and George W. Bush back-to-back as White was a conservative leader in the city of San Fransisco. While the comparisons between White and Bush end there, it's always interesting to see how some actors bring their old characters with them into later performances.

It's hard to tell how exactly the story Milk is going to be told. Will it be a political film, a social film. Will it tell a story or tell a message. Will the film be more about Milk's life, election, time in office of assassination. Will the film show Dan White's court scenes where he got manslaughter charges instead of murder charges on account of his "depression due to food."

I can't see Milk being too popular at the box office...I don't feel like many people are interested in seeing Sean Penn and James Franco act the role of gay lovers. I think especially as the film gets closer to release gay activists will champion a film of this nature, while more conservative film goers are apt to ignore or criticize the project.

Yet, if done well, I would imagine that Milk could be a critical success and edge it's way into some Oscar categories. I feel like there are certainly some acting honors that might get awarded. And if nothing else MTV will likely nominate a gay kiss from the movie (Sean Penn and James Franco?). MTV loves the same-sex kiss.

In addition to Josh Brolin, Sean Penn, Victor Garber and James Franco, the film will also star Emile Hirsh as gay activist Cleve Jones, as well as Diego Luna. The project is directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting).

Enjoy this picture below of Sean Penn as Supervisor Harvey Milk.


California Girl said...

This was a horrible time in the life of anyone in the Bay Area. I remember it well. This happened and then the Giahna [sp?] tragedy with Jim Jones all in the same month. I remember feeling so depressed. I hope this is told with the respect it deserves.

Darrell said...

Sean Penn has that same thing going on as Tarantino, George Clooney, Trey Parker ... their on-screen and behind-the-camera talent is awesome, but when they open their mouths as people I just cringe. Penn has been having a blast on the set of the Harvey Milk film.