Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cookie Monster & I Say Thanks

Just like fuel the expensive gas that run my car, your comments and visits to StrangeCulture help keep it running. For those of you who have ever visited or commented on this blog...thank you. But I (and the big blue) wanted to specificly that those who have commented in the past month. These days, StrangeCulture gets about 500 visits a day...but the comments demonstrate interaction...adding to the conversation if you will. And that makes us (cookie & I) feel like you care. There's a lot of blogs out there you could read.

Cookie Monster & I wish to thank...

aaron, adam, aimee, ak, amy, amy, ando, artowawa, attila the mom, b/, b13, bennett, chase, chris, crackers and cheese, dan e., daniel g., elgringo, emily, fox, glenn, grete, is that so wrong, james austin, jana, jasdye, J.D., jeff reed, jeremy, jim, john, jolly green dad, jon, jose, kat, keith, kelly, kevin, kimberly, kris, magnus, Mark Doebler, maryann, melissa, mercurie, Michael Parsons, nate, pastor brian atwood, patrick, paula, praful h, rabbit647, redison, rh, scott, shannon the movie moxie, shelley, theresa, the cubical reverand, the teach, tucker, tyler, weepingsam, will, william petruzzo, & whitney


Anonymous said...

500 a day!? I'll get there one day. Good have a great blog and I appreciate the link to Building Camelot. Comments on my blog really keep me going too.

Have a great holiday weekend.

1minutefilmreview said...

Hi RC, we miss Cookie Monster! Thanks for checking out our blog and the comment! Really, comments keep us going...

general125 said...

How dare you promote child obesity by showing this lovable monster with a cookie!

What about anonymous? Will you thank him?

nate said...

Wow, 500 a day. A great day for me is breaking 30! Adam's comment is funny.

whitney said...

Thanks for the shout out! But the link to my blog is actually

I'm loving Strange Culture. Keep up the good work.


elgringo said...

Hey RC, thanks for the shout-out. I actually wrote about Strange Culture in my blog this week. You blog is one of the blogs I always read...daily.

Dad of Divas said...

Hey RC...thanks for the shout out...appreciate it. Like Tyler said..500 hits a day... you should write a post to give us all some pointers!

Glenn said...

aww, it's a pleasure!

RC said...

@ whitney...i updated your apologies :-)

general125 said...

I knew I liked nate :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Will I be getting my cookie in the mail?

Daniel said...

Thanks, RC. I look forward to reading more and wish you success as your audience continues to grow.

Magnus said...

And I want to thank for using me avatar on blogger. Thank you.

b13 said...

Rock on brutha'... rock on!

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