Tuesday, July 01, 2008

80s films that made the cut in Entertainment Weeklys "New Classics"*

Entertainment Weekly's 1000th Issue contained a list of the top 100 "new classics" in the realm of film, tv, music, books, etc.

So when it came to Entertainment Weekly's top flicks from 1983 to 2008, you can imagine I was paying pretty close attention to their top films in the 80s...with this 2008 blog-series on 80s films.

I thought I would display the "classics" from the 1980s EW chose (*remember this will only contain films between 1983-1989).

1. Blue Velvet (1986) (#4 on EW's list)
2. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) (#7)
3. Die Hard (1989) (#9)
4. This Is Spinal Tap (1989) (# 11)
5. Do The Right Thing (1989) (#18)
6. A Room With A View (1986) (#24)
7. Aliens (1986) (#27)
8. Wings of Desire (1988) (#28)
9. When Harry Met Sally (1989) (#30)
10. The Breakfast Club (1985) (#33)
11. Rain Man (1988) (#45)
12. Scarface (1983) (#48)
13. The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad (1988) (#52)
14. Fatal Attraction (1987) (#54)
15. Risky Business (1983) (#55)
16. Ghostbusters (1984) (#58)
17. Beverly Hills Cop (1984) (#61)
18. sex, lies, videotape (1989) (#62)
19. Big (1988) (#63)
20. Dirty Dancing (1987) (#65)
21. Witness (1985) (#68)
22. Broadcast News (1987) (#70)
23. Drugstore Cowboy (1989) (#74)
24. Out of Africa (1985) (#75)
25. Sid & Nancy (1986) (#77)
26. Moonstruck (1987) (#81)
27. Evil Dead 2: Dawn of the Dead (1987) (#83)
28. Back to the Future (1985) (#91)
29. Full Metal Jacket (1987) (#94)
30. Glory (1989) (#97)

Do you agree with there assessment of these films as modern classics? Which of these do you think are "must sees" from the 80s?


Fox said...

Wow... um...

Let's see. Easier question first.

"Which of these do you think are "must sees" from the 80s?"

Blue Velvet
Hannah and Her Sisters
Wings of Desire
Evil Dead 2
Back To The Future

"Do you agree with there assessment of these films as modern classics?"

Well... NO WAY would be the short answer, but knowing that EW is appealing to impulse shoppers at check-out stands, I guess they are pretty limited in what they can include.

I love lists of all kinds. They are fun. But I can't a movie list seriously that lists "classics" from 1983 - 2008 and doesn't include Paris, TX, Being John Malkovich, Naked, or The New World on it.

Ando said...

First of all, I have to call into question any list that has Moulin Rouge as it's #10 movie, a full 26 places ahead of the likes of Fargo. Secondly, now I know I'll be getting very little done today as I peruse all of EW's lists. Thanks!

jasdye said...

why the *%&# is dirty dancing on ANY top twenty or 100 'greatest' list? and long before Back to the Future, Full Metal Jacket and Glory?


general125 said...

Why can there only be 100 "new classics" from the past 25 years? Most of EW's lists are designed to start arguments.

Full Metal Jacket after Big is just silly and isn't worth arguing.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Maybe it's just the hidden big haired, stirrup pants wearing teen in me that thinks The Breakfast Club deserved to be way higher on the list?

elgringo said...

Back to the Future - #91
What the hell?

Also, Do the Right Thing should have been in the Top 5. Higher than Blue Velvet, definitely.

Darrell said...

Risky Business? RISKY BUSINESS? Why not throw in Mannequin, too, for good measure?

whitney said...

I love that Hannah and her Sisters is in the top five. That movie doesn't get enough credit as Woody Allen's greatest, most caring film. But I agree with Scott, Do the Right Thing probably should have been before it.


Deeeeeee said...

Rain man! Definitely an 80's must see! I'm also glad Hannah, Harry and Sally are all up there too..

I checked the rest of the EW list,and I'm surprised it doesn't have forrest gump, disappointed actually.