Wednesday, December 17, 2008

E-Marketing, Christmas, and that Other Account

Quick poll: How many e-mail accounts do you have? (feel free to respond in the comments)

By simple calculations I have at least four...I have the e-mail associated with this blog, a work e-mail address, a personal e-mail account, and THE OTHER ACCOUNT.

My guess is that you have one of these "other accounts too." My other account for the longest time was my primary account, but over time started collecting junk. Before that I had a spam filled junk account that I had abandoned, but my current Other Account is one that I still regularly check...I just don't have the time to completely clear out, and it's an account I don't usually read, instead I delete.

That's because this is the account I give when I buy stuff online or am asked by companies for an e-mail address for any reason.

I don't particularly like for so many companies to have such a direct online way to market to me, but at least I have it quarantined so it's not interfering with e-mail I'd prefer reading

At the same time, there's occasionally benefits I'm interested in being aware, especially if I can ascertain a coupon for something I'm planning on buying anyways. expected this time of year those e-mails and marketing come flying to that Other Account like never before. It's almost like a reminder of gift's once bought and stores once shopped at.

This year is a tricky year, which such a horrible economic climate it's hard to get in the holiday spirit at times when the news is filled with horrible news, the economy is tanking, and there is so much uncertainty.

The heavy marketing, especially online, seems to add to that burden, rather than bring a spirit of holiday cheer. For example, yesterday I received an e-mail for Staples suggesting that as other office stores downsize that Staples is here to stay. They're e-mail communication encouraged people to click a link to be come acquainted with there closest Staples stores since Office Depot would be downsizing.

I thought this is was very bizarre and unfortunate marketing. Just because it is relatively affordable to throw together an e-mail blast, doesn't mean you just send barf into cyber-space. This e-mail has not been the only e-mail communication that at the same time it encourages readers to shop it also reminds them of economic uncertainty.

It's hard to tell what 2009 is really going to look like -- but I know for me, that I'm so excited to have the opportunity to give gifts to my family and celebrate the season with them, but I know I am looking for holiday cheer in other places besides gifts. I am just thankful for all that God has done in my life, and I am thankful for the reason for the season and those who I get to celebrate it with.

I want to think about and celebrate Christmas without referencing world events, the economy, or any other devastating news. And so for the rest of this month, I'd have to say, I'm just about done checking that Other Account.


Darrell said...

I have three accounts. One is the e-mail account associated with my domain. I use it for blogging and I check it once a week or so. The other is the account I think of as my "real" account. I check it several times a day. The third is the e-mail account I think of as "the spam catcher." I use it to register software, register for websites, etc. I check it maybe once a month, just to dump the accumulated spam. I also give that e-mail addy out to people who ask for my e-mail address but I don't really want to give them my "real" e-mail account. If I give someone that e-mail address it's as though I've secretly told them that I don't like them and don't want to be bothered with e-mail from them.

Lorna said...

Oh, now I'm hurt---I just know that Darrell gave me his "other" e-mail address