Friday, November 06, 2009

Celebrity Fragrance Industry & 50 Cent's Power

NPR had a great (and fun and interesting) story about the celebrity scent business.

Brian Reed's story, "Money In A Bottle: The Celebrity Scent Business" is really an interesting look at how wide the business is, not to mention why this is an affordable marketing strategy for the fragrance industry and celebrities.

It's interesting to think of celebrities with their own scents. I think of Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jordan when I think of celebrity scents. Taylor's glamour seems to line up with all those diamonds and ruby smells she tied her name to.

But Jordan, I remember thinking "that's disgusting" does it smell like court sweat?

How many celebrities out there have followings big enough to translate into marketable fragrances?

Who wants to splash a little Joe Pesci eu de toilette, Jim Carrey musk, or Tina Fey Ambergris?

Give a listen to the story on the premier of 50 Cent's Power fragrance, I think you will find it an interesting story.

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