Monday, November 23, 2009

The Informant! Some Thoughts

I realized that I started this post a month ago, and never finished or published! It's okay! Better late than never!

This post could contain a few spoilers, but nothing major.

Why does the title for The Informant! have a exclamation mark in the title? I don't fully understand, but whatever!

Speaking of questions, why hasn't this movie been more popular? Sure, it's grossed over it's small (for Hollywood) budget of $21 million, but you'd expect a Matt Damon/Steven Soderbergh picture to do better.

Is it too serious? Hardly.

Is it too heavy? Hardly.

Was there adequate advertising? Maybe, I saw ads (did you?)

But yet, it was kind of a box office dribble.

This movie is fun, it's goofy. It's light hearted white-collar crime. It's the type of movie that is entertaining that you enjoy watching...the type that I feel like will be a DVD success because it's definitely home-viewing-friendly.

Matt Damon's chances at an Oscar nomination for this film intrigue me...his role is comical and non-dramatic, more goofy in an understated performance. I won't complain about a nod, but I won't hold my breathe.

I'm not really sure why Melanie Lynskey was casted at the spouse of Mark Whitacre, her performance is underwhelming.

This real-life story of Mark Whitacre is not Erin Brokovich, nor told in a Brokovich style. I'm sure friends & family of Whitacre are not so overjoyed since Whitacre is portrayed as an absolutly nutty schemer.

Beyond the performance of Matt Damon (or Fatt Damon as I call him in this film), I was so pleased with the appropriate, unique and tone setting score by Marvin Hamlish.

If you ask me, the real scene stealers in this film are the surprisingly enjoyable pair of Scott Bakula and Joel McHale who play the FBI agents investigating/working with Whitacre (Damon).


Anonymous said...

The Informant! does not have a question mark in its title, it's an exclamation mark which actually makes a huge difference when you are analyzing or critiquing the film.

RC said...

@ anon, you are embarassing. A total typo by distraction. Thank you.

I have certainly fixed it.

Danny King said...

Now that you bring up the numbers, I am very surprised the film didn't bring in more cash. It's easily watchable, Damon is fantastic, and I did see many ads just like you did.