Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Avatar: pre-thoughts

I haven't really given much attention to the film Avatar on my blog.

I'm not sure exactly why I haven't had much to say, but here are some top guesses:

1. Some people are so excited for this movie that I felt like I couldn't say anything about this film. The comic-con crowd was covering it to death.

2. Some people have been tracking this project since 1994 when James Cameron first started talking about it.

3. The details of this story seemed to be coming out more and more as the year went on and I didn't want to wrap myself into the storyline ahead of time.

4. With a budget well over $200 million, I'd hate to get excited about a bust.

5. Blue people?

...anyways, this film is coming out this weekend and I'm starting to get excited and very interested to see how this film is received. It'll need some big fan-boys and strong word of mouth to get above it's budget and transition into "profit" zone.

I've been excited to see this film get award recognition, particularly the drama and director nominations from the Golden Globes and Broadcast Film Critics Association.

This tells me this is more than just a sci-fi IMAX explosion, but that this film could be something special, and that Cameron's 15 year labor of love, might be a cinematic gift.


PTB said...
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PTB said...

I am not normally a big SciFi watcher but this movie looks interesting. Would love to hear your comments once you have seen it.

Greg Boyd said...

Can't wait for this. The only Cameron film I've seen is "The Abyss", which I didn't much care for. But this one does look awesome