Saturday, December 19, 2009

Top 10 Favorite TV shows of the Decade

Everyone's getting in on the best of the why not?

My selection of 24 as number 1 is for many is the creativity and concept of the show, followed by the creativity that keeps it going, although some seasons are certainly weaker than others.

Additionally, and I could certain expound on this as well, but the way that 24's storyline has in many ways told the story of America and the War on Terror this decade is fascinating, the show has adapted as our thoughts, fears, and political rules of engagement have changed. Keep in mind the first season was written prior to the September 11 attacks in 2001, pre-War on terror.

Beyond that the list expresses my preferences and level of personal enjoyment, inclusions like Alton Brown's food network show isn't necessarily saying it's technical the most influential or inventive show, but my own enjoyment of a show that combines basic cooking with science is absolutely fascinating and enjoyable.

My Top 10 TV Shows Of the Decade

1. 24 (Fox, 7 seasons, 2001 - present)
2. Arrested Development (Fox, 3 seasons, 2003-2006)
3. Lost (ABC, 5 seasons, 2004-present)
4. House (Fox, 5 seasons, 2004-present)
5. Gilmore Girls (WB/CW, 7 seasons, 2000-2007)
6. Mad Men (AMC, 3 seasons, 2007-present)
7. Alias (ABC, 5 seasons, 2001-2006)
8. Scrubs (NBC then ABC, 9 seasons, 2001-present)
9. Good Eats (Food Network, over 200 episodes, 1999-present)
10. Heroes [**season 1 only] (NBC, 4 seasons, 2006-present)


Amy said...

Great choices. I love Lost, personally. I still need to catch up on season 7 of 24. Mad Men is also a favorite.

Joe Baker said...

I'd definitely put "The Sopranos" and "The Wire" at the top of that list. Those two shows are better than 95% of pretty much anything this decade, IMO.

RC said...

@ Joseph, in full disclosure I haven't seen The Wire, but think it's part of my 2010 TV viewing catch-up -- thanks for confirming it needs to be at the top of the list.

Lorna said...

I'd have your first three, then the Glenn close/Ted Danson/Rose O'Byrne show Damages; I'd have to have Dexter and Six Feet Under and then I'd have to give special mention to the last season of 24 just for Cherry what's her name, and Firefly and Dollhouse and Jericho. And American Gothic if it's in the right decade.
but carry on.....And Foyle's War and Cracker and the early Law & Order, CI. Is that more than 10?

nate said...

To be honest, I can hardly watch TV anymore. I spend 20 minutes scanning the channels and nothing seems worthwhile. I used to watch & look forward to a few of the shows on your list, but after a while, they lose me....BUT "Arrested Development" never ceases to entertain me, no how many times I re-watch an episode. It really is a shame it got canceled!