Friday, January 22, 2010

Ridiculous Quote We Can't Stop Repeating: Ravioli

"You are like a hungry child who is given ravioli to eat. `No' you say, `I want beefsteak!' My dear girl, you are hungry. Eat the ravioli."
--Renato de Rossi from David Lean's Summertime (1955), in reference to why Katherine Hepburn's character should have sex with Rossi' loser character.


Criticlasm said...

She was so wrong for the role in some ways, but still really great.

The wierdest piece of trivia I learned is that from her fall in the canal she had an eye infection for the rest of her life. Yikes!

Andrew K. said...

One of my favourite Kate performances, and films. David Lean is a genius.

re to Criclasm: and do you know why she got the infection? Because the body double wouldn't stand up straight, so she decided to do it herself. Her words not mine. I love this lady.

Tom Crisp said...

I love the movie, love Kate in it, and love the line. The script by Arthur Laurents is a fine one, and David Lean's direction up to his usual standard.

Jim Berman said...

Actually, the play by Arthur Laurents if vastly inferior to the screenplay by Lean and his collaborator (Bates). Visit web site eat the for further discussion of difference between the play and the screenplay. Lean adds all the really good stuff, and, as a result, the film is a far more subtle, complex and ultimately satisfying drama.