Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Airline Mile Credit Cards

So, I probably spend more time reading my junk mail than necessary.

So it goes.

But what's up with all the credit card applications and promotions that are trying to get me to buy into the idea of earning airline miles or getting free travel.

Are frequent flyer miles the ultimate desired possession that can be given away?

Isn't an airline trip, really just travel? It's not like this is the showcase showdown on the price is right and they're giving a way an all inclusive trip to Hawaii. No, they're giving me miles to go visit my family in the midwest.

What if they offered credit cards that gave you free bus tokens? Or credit to ride the subway in New York or Washington DC? How about the American Express Greyhound Bus passes?

Get double the Greyhound miles on all purchases at Goodwill and local thrift stores.

Sorry Citi Bank, American Express, Mastercard & Visa. The opportunity to go through security check points, sit next to wide people in skinny seats, and deal with your restrictive travel rules is hardly my idea of a reward.

See you later junk mail.

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