Monday, February 15, 2010

Love & The African Queen

Another movie that deals with love in a different way is the John Huston classic The African Queen.

One of my favorite things about this film is that the love story in this film changes and evolves, and in that typical way deals with two unlikely people who fall in love, but in that untypical way it just all feels different and you're not sure how it's going to turn out.

Their love forms out of spending time together, much like how normal love forms. Their love also forms out of a common goal, much like how love also takes shape.

What's interesting about this film is that their initial love that forms is a surprise to the characters, with love the last thing on their mind. And once they fall in love, they have to revisit what brought them together, a goal of a virtual suicide mission to take out a German gunboat.

The other day I posted on the The Last Station and the way that we change and love must also. This film speaks to the reverse scenario, that sometimes love changes and we then make different decisions. This theme in film is probably more similar, more because you can only do so much with a couple hours of film, but I think The African Queen tells this type of story in such a unique way.


Anthony said...

This is my dad's favorite movie. I realized why when I watched it. They story reminds me of my parent's story. My mom the missionary... my dad a little rough around the edges... two unlikely people who fall in love.

Lorna said...

this is a quirky movie; and I think the more I see it, the more I love her brother.