Monday, October 18, 2010

Movie Night With A Toddler and The Chorus

The other night my daughter (just over 2 years old) had her first movie night...popcorn and all.

We watch Disney's Peter Pan on DVD.

Like when she watches Sound of Music she was very concerned with where people's mother's were. Which makes sense because Mr. and Mrs. Darling do leave their kids alone in the house for the evening.

But what I thought was so funny was was when there were songs she was very disturbed and she would ask again and again...who's singing? Who's singing daddy? Who's singing Mommy?

Saying "the chorus" was not a satisfactory answer.


Andrew K. said...

Ha, poor child. At least she has a definite sense of family.

And you're starting her early on movies, good.

mae said...

She definatly needs to know where EVERYONE is... what a cutie!!!

Lorna said...

times change---I wouldn't let my kids eat popcorn till they were five!

jasdye said...

wow. your child is definitely more aware of the disparity between reality and movies than mine. ;)