Sunday, December 05, 2010

12 Thoughts on 127 Hours

1. When I've heard people describe viewing the Danny Boyle's film 127 Hours they almost always use the word intense.

2. I would probably use the word intense, the film obviously revolves around a couple key scenes which one could easily imagine with just the slightest knowledge of the Aron Rolston's story, but Danny Boyle & Simon Beaufoy proved their writing skills could make a two scene one character movie into an intense 90 minute ride.

3. James Franco did a great job carrying the film, I felt like his casting was not a case of star power, but actually choosing the right perform. In some ways the Franco scenes at the beginning of him as an adventurer reminded me of his Harry Osborn/New Goblin character in the most recent Spider-Man franchise.

4. I was curious about the shirt Franco wore in the film. I've found out that this is one of the concert T-Shirt from the bank Phish's 2000 tour (front and back images). Apparently Rolston was wearing a Phish T-Shirt at the time of the accident, and as I've explored the Phish T-shirt archives to find this shirt, I can see how this shirt is more subdued in it's image (including exclusion of the word Phish on the front) in comparison to the other shirts that could have been chosen.

5. Speaking of items, I have the same classic Nalgene bottle as used in the film. When I see it, it will probably remind me of this film.

6. I wonder if more people will go out hiking in Bluejohn Canyon after seeing this film.

7. I liked the concept of "the couch" in the film, and thought that it was interesting that the disappoint of missed events, hurts done to others, and selfish behavior made Franco's character sad, but that it was future loss of not knowing a potential son that motivated him to extreme action.

8. A.R. Rahman's music as a follow up to his work with Boyle on Slumdog Millionaire, was a huge success. Obviously a departure from Slumdog, but still that same energy and presence. Rahman's music is a unique product in the film market.

9. I'd expect to see Rahman's score nominated for an Oscar along with one of his original song.

10. Other worthy nominations could come from this film as well in technical categories. Including cinematography (Anthony Dod Mantel) and editing (Jon Harris). I love the way they portrayed the American west.

11. I wonder when I watch this intense movie who the demographic for this film is, and the reality is, I think it will resonate best with your young thrill seeking male, which is interesting because it's not quite your "award demographic" but I think that it's a unique niche that advertisers are interested in, so despite the slow growing box office I think that there is marketability in this film that is unique for the award potential film.

12. Would I recommend this film? It would suppose who asked and what there stomach would be for thrills, intensity, and stomach curdling moments.

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