Monday, December 27, 2010

What Lost character could get an Oscar nomination this year?

It's a minor character from season 6 of Lost, and it's the character Lennon played by John Hawkes. You'll remember him as one of the "others" who took refuge in the temple and was killed by Sayid.

With only 3 episode's Hawkes as Lennon still made for a dynamic character in Lost, and after many different character roles John Hawkes is getting some surprise Oscar buzz for his role of Teardrop in the film Winter's Bones.

Hawkes does a fabulous job in Winter's Bone, and his buzz was cemented earlier this month when he was nominated for a Screen Actor's Guild award for best supporting actors alongside Christian Bale (The Fighter), Jeremy Renner (The Town), Mark Ruffulo (The Kid's Are All Right), and Geoffery Rush (The King's Speech).

Although, depending on the love for The Social Network, someone like Andrew Garfield could pop in and take his place for the Oscar nominations (or Even Matt Damon, True Grit or Sam Rockwell, Conviction). Although, I like seeing John Hawkes name here, the role is certainly Oscar worthy in a film that it is hard to tell where exactly Oscar will award it or ignore it.
Pictured top to bottom: John Hawkes as Lennon on Lost; John Hawkes as Teardrop Dolly in Winter's Bone.

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Ranker said...

I think that most of the nominations will be coming from the Lost Characters. Whoever the nominees are, best wishes to all.