Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Nomination Morning - Freeform Thoughts

Melissa McCarthy bust in for Bridesmaids.

The Supporting actor field is a little different than I would have expected - especially Max Von Syndow.

And then Damien Bachier and Gary Oldman.

Some actual surprises.

Terrance Malick for director - I thought we were past Tree of Life, maybe it will break into the questionable number of best picture nominees.

Time to brush up on my foreign films this year.

Animated films are a little higher brow then normal.

And how many best picture nominees will there be. The screen is looking big...1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

And Extremely Loud gets in with a final scream during the nominations.

Here's the 9 best picture nominees:
Extremely Loud and Incredbly Close
Midnight in Paris
The Artist
The Descendants
The Help
Tree of Life
War Horse


Anthony said...

I'm glad there aren't any nominations for Shame. I'm tired of hearing about Fassbender's anatomy.

You should be proud of us... we've already seen 7 of the 9 Best Picture nominees. We plan to go see Extremely Loud soon, and then we can get Midnight in Paris on demand.

Adam S. said...

I can blame having a kid, but Leslie and I have not seen a single "best picture" nominee.

I had "Tree of Life" in my hand ready to watch Brad Pitt's part, but I couldn't force myself to sit through a Terrance Mallick film.

Every year the Oscars become more and more irrelevant with their best picture selections. With the exception of The Help, no one saw these movies....except Anthony :)

Anonymous said...

First time caller….long time fan. Ok, need to make a comment (or two) and a prediction. EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE, really, please….KUNG FU PANDA 2 and PUSS IN BOOTS over Tintin and Winnie the Pooh, whatever. This will be a boring Oscars’ (boring year of movies), which in turn will elevate Crystal’s hosting capabilities (go Billy!). Looking forward to the next Oscars with The Dark Night Rises, The Hobbit, Lincoln, Les Miserables, The Great Gatsby, Djando Unchained, Life of Pi, Skyfall (I know its Bond, but its Sam Mendes at the helm!) and Prometheus all in the running for Best Picture!
See ya

Lorna said...

Not excited this year, although I loved everything about Midnight in Paris. And Hugo was beautiful and heart-rending but very slow....