Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Resolution - One Movie With Intermission in 2012

You know the movie type. Doctor Zhivago. Gone With The Wind. Ben-Hur.

Those long epic movies with a prologue, and a musical break in the middle (that you're not sure what to do with if you're watching at home - should I fast forward, or enjoy the music?)

Watching too many of these movies will make a person crazy, but one of the "Epics" I haven't watched all the way through before is Lawrence of Arabia.

So one of my new years resolutions is to watch a movie with an intermission I've never watched. This year I'm choosing Lawrence of Arabia. Expect a post of Lawrence by year end!

Any suggestion on what epic movie (with intermission) is a much watch or will be on your list this year?


Anthony said...

We watched Lawrence of Arabia last year. That movie made me thirsty. So much sand.

Anonymous said...

Have you watched Gone With the Wind or Dr. Zhivago...I think they are chick flicks!!

general125 said...

David Lean and his cinematographer, Freddie Young, make the desert look beautiful. Be in the right mood for the movie because it is long.

I've always felt that intermission music is there to fill space as people leave and reenter the theater. I always skip it because it's just a rehash of the music you've already heard.