Thursday, September 19, 2013

Jeoff Harris - I Could Be A Fan

Tonight, I had some chill time and spent some time writing short little music reviews on the website Slice The Pie (a website that pays you to write reviews of songs it plays for you - kind of fun little site, and hey I don't mind a little check for some down time activities).

In putting together reviews, a lot of the songs were kind "meh," but then I heard a song by an artist that kind of grabbed me.

After you perform the review, Slice The Pie lets you know who you just listened to and the name of the song. So I took note of the artist on the song, and it was by a small time independent artist named Jeoff Harris. The song was,  "I Can't Leave You."

I thought I would share the song here on my blog for your enjoyment. Here's a recent YouTube video from a few weeks ago of Jeoff Harris performing his song live.

There's only 986 views on this video at the time of posting, so when I say "independent," I really mean "independent." But, maybe you'll enjoy his music too. Jeoff's webiste can be found here.

I've also thrown in another YouTube video of a simple love song called "Aimee." Not sure who "Aimee" is, but not many girls get love songs this good written for them.

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