Monday, January 13, 2014

The Wolf of F-Bomb Street

I don't plan on seeing The Wolf Of Wall Street. Primarily for all the continued reports of it's vulgarity.

For starters, nothing is appealing about a film that is regularly credited for it's extensive use of the F-word and it's derivatives (apparently used 506 times).

Imagine a film that used any other word as repeatedly? You'd think it was avent-garde dribble if a film used the word "Blue" or "Cow" in the film 506 times.

Yet, somehow this crazy word can be thrown into speech (and hence films) in so many different ways. That conversation isn't new. Yet, to me this doesn't enhance a film one iota. It doesn't make the dialogue seem more real, more gritty, or more compelling. Instead it kind of twitches my ears and makes me disappointed.

It makes me disappointed when Leonardo DiCaprio wins the Golden Globe for Best Actor - Musical or Comedy. There's nothing musical or comedic about the idea of such a vulgar performance.

I feel like most years there seems to be an appetite for one of these "push the envelope" films, if it's not by Martin Scorsese as it is this year it seems like Quentin Tarantino recently has vied for this role in award season.

I don't know why, but to me, there is something powerful about make a film appreciated by the art's community that isn't rated R. Sure, there's time when a story dictates that type of intense narrative (this year's 12 Years a Slave is that type of film), but otherwise I wish films wouldn't be dirty just for shock-and-awe's sake. To me, that seems to be the way The Wolf of Wall Street feels. So in that regard, I'm not just passing on watching it, I find myself rooting against it. Hoping it hardly makes a bleep on The Academy Award radar when nominations are announced in a few days.

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