Monday, January 30, 2006

Meet The Afters, Watch the Wave

For all the talk of the contemporary culture losing any sense of moral influence, I would like to bring attention to a reverse situation. The Dallas-based Christian recording artist, The Afters, is the next Christian music group to make ripples in contemporary culture (as we've seen with groups/artists like Mercy Me, Switchfoot, and Hawk Nelson.)

The After's songs "Beautiful Love" (their 1st single from their release I Wish We All Could Win) will be the theme song for MTV's new series 8th and Ocean which is to begins this spring. This is also the same song that you will hear in commercials and bumpers for this new television show.

Connecting with a similar demographic, the song has also been selected to be in the movie Just My Luck, staring Lindsay Lohan.

You can hear portions of this song and others off there album at, the song has been very successful on Christian radio charts as well as for video awards with MTVu.

As a note: "Beautiful Love" was written by lead vocalist Josh Havens after his new bride left on a short term mission trip to Mexico.


Sher said...

Oooh! I like them! I'm going to see if I can download that on iTunes! I always LOVE hearing about new bands!

nora adams said...

wow, new band with beautiful voices, thanks for sharing with us!!