Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tootsie Roll Licks

For some reason the tootsie roll commercial that we all know and love came up in an earlier conversation today.

The idea of quanitativly figuring out licks is rediculous.

According to the tootsie roll website (http://www.tootsie.com/memoriesLicksMachine.html) there has been at least three studies done including 2 done by university engineering students.

Are engineer students at Purdue and the University of Michigan really bored or kind of stupid.

You can't quantitate licks because tongues would have different moistures, sizes, and pressure applied. Not to mention how do you determine the average length (in terms of time and distance) of a typical lick??

According to the studies the number of licks were 364, 252, 411, 144.

And you would think Jr. High students would have more licks then university students...but there study found only 144...either they're cheating and biting, poor counters, or fantastic lickers.