Friday, February 24, 2006

Enough Room for Two RC's? You Vote!

So...I got a funny e-mail this morning.

How do you do!

I noticed your comment today on Barb Nicolosi's site, and did
adouble-take to see someone using the same blog moniker as myself!

In computing,
this is what we call a "namespace collision", and it's apotential source of confusion, as I also occasionally comment atBarb's. As a blogger, I've been posting since 9/22/2002 at the groupsite "Catholic Light" (, and have aknown identity among "St. Blog's Parish" as a sysadmin for 15-20weblogs (see

It seems silly for me to ask, but would it be troublesome for you tochange to some other handle, to avoid the potential for mistakenidentity?

By the way, congratulations on your site: you have a fine eye for blogmaterial!

Best wishes----RC

My Response this morning to him was...

Hey...RC...i don't read those blogs regularly...I'll consider the change...but if it's really bothering you, you can always feel the freedom to change as well.

But to be honest, it doesn't really bother me.

--RC of

But I feel a little goofy, b/c he has had the name for a long time...but the truth of the matter is I really don't think I'm going to be traveling to the same sites as the man who sent me this e-mail so we probably really won't collide with any regularity.

But now that I think about it, I'm not deeply connected to the name "RC" and would be willing to change...By leaving a comment (w/ a unique blogger ID) say whether or not you think I should change my blogger moniker.


Jon said...

Hey man, You're being blogged about too. Check out his blog here.

I don't think it's a big deal. There are other jonathan's in the world, and I'm ok with that.

Especially if you're signing how you usually know, RC of strangeculture...

Then again, you could always be strangeRC.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! That guy is such a nerd... I mean, there's a whole Cola line with those initials! Does he really think he has some kind of ownership over two letters?

Anonymous said...

I like "StrangeRC" or I would just continue using the "RC of strangeculture" which is kind of cool.

Do the initials make the man or does the man make the initials? JFK, OJ, TO, LBJ, JLO (OK you may not know JLO-Jennifer Lopez) but, you know these initials because of who they represent or their associated activities.

Stick with what people know you by.

two crows said...

imnsho, you keep your name.
do you have any idea how many folks with the handle of two crows are out there?
we haven't bothered each other or insisted that the others abandon their chosen names, yet.

Anonymous said...

MR. Peakaboo!

Kimberly Ann said...

Wow, this guy must think he is pretty hot stuff to claim 2 whole letters of the alphabet. . .what if you guys had the same name? Maybe he would ask you to change that too. . .he needs to get over himself. Don't change your INITALS.

Gary said...

1.) people have the same name. Online people have the same handle. He should get over it. There are even two very well known bloggers and writters with the same name - Roger Simon, although one has also uses his middle initial.

2.) strangeRC is good. Better than my idea of RCofCola.

Anonymous said...

I go by "e" on some blogs and "eliz. s." on others. I'm certain there are others out there using the same handles! As long as you link back to your own blog/use your email address, that should differentiate the two of you.

Spoke said...

IF you were to change, I'd go with "stranger c" but it loses the punch. No?
I did a google search on my real given and surname. There is a guy in Australia that is a loud voice for the homosexual community. I don't care about that, but he writes for several papers and the content is often very graffically descriptive and vulgar. The "made up name" he chose for his authoring is my real name! First and last. He said he just thought of it one day.I emailed him and asked if it was his real name, he told me a story which lead me to ask if he would change the name. He told me to f*#= off.
I love it when people are tactfully brilliant don't you?
Keep the monicker, whats the harm?

Anonymous said...

Wow...just when you thought the web wasn't filled with pretentious weirdos...I think you should stick with "RC of Strangeculture". I basing this on the fact that I am 83% sure that you haven't been traversing the WWW leaving behind filthy comments on others blogs just so you can defame the dork for your amusement. He has nothing to worry about. However, If you want to change it to anything, you should change it to "Bizarro RC" and then leave the exact opposite message on each blog he writes.

People need hobbies. This dude needs a few.

Jon said...

I like shane.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about the next email!