Friday, February 03, 2006

Students Talk About the Biggest Problem in the World

I asked some students to write about what they saw as the biggest problem in the world. What was the cause of the problem. Could the problem be solved, if not why. And if yes, how.

Here are there answers. There is a lot to respond to in there answers. Or perhaps you would like to suggest your own thought on the biggest problem as you see it.
(typos were left to allow for greater authenicity in their responses)

  • "The biggest problem in the world today is organized religion, because throughout history it has started wars and been used to justify everything from genocide to slavery. Religion causes people to become intolerant and judge people based on things like sexual orientation. The solution to this problem is to create peace among religions. by creating peace among religions there will be peace among nations. I don't think religion should be done away with. It think it just needs to change." - Ross, 17
  • "The biggest problem in the world today is not not beliving in good and/or god or gods, but not being saved. What caused this problem? Well many things. TV promotes youth to actdo things on TV, alot of people live for themselves, and not for Gods will. These is only 2 solutions. One is, try to spred the word of God as best we can, and try to make it work. And the second is that God/Jesus comes to earth again, but when that happens its the end of the world...we for the saved people. The other biggest problem is GAYS! What caused this problem? Its hard to say, you're not born gay because God wouldnt do that, gays make him sick to his stomach. The solution is put all the gays on an island. We'll name the island: Gayland." - Nash, 16
  • "I think the biggest problem in the world is teenagers not going to college. The reason that cause this is drugs, and there is always a solution to everything. The solution is say no to Drugs." -John, 16
  • "I think the biggest problem in the world today has to be general stupidity. If you watch T.V. like the news, or even being around total strangers, it is hard to imagine that we all one people. I think the cause isn't related to Drugs nor any other kind of brain washing technec, but is us as a peoples fault. The ignorance is ridicules. We need to learn to love each other, and follow are own paths." -Timothy, 16
  • "There are a lot of problems in the world today. I am not sure what I would consider to be the biggest. The threat of war is always a big concern because there's always disagreement and radical thinkers, which probably plays a big part in the cause of wars. I would probably say the possibility of Iran getting nuclear wapons might be a problem. I don't know much about that situation, but I can only just guess that it could be a problem." - Tim, 17
  • "The biggest problem in the world today is how countries don't always get along with eachother. It hink that the problem got caused by a country being jealous of another country because their way of life was better and they had more freedom. I don't think there is a solution to this problem because not everyone is going to get along and people are always going to heate other countries because their way of life is different and they might be jealous of the things that they don't have." - Eliza, 16
  • "The biggest problems is the fact that no one gets along anymore. I think what caused that problem is that other countrys are jealous of us so they want to make us the worst country and thinking were unfair. I think they could be a solution to it is that people could look past what we have and they dont have and juding my money instead of asking for help to get what we have." - Kaylynn, 16
  • "The biggest problem in the world today is the War in Iraq. It is such a problem because there is no reason the American tropps should be there. Most of them dont even know why they are there. Many things has cause this problem, not just the President. I can understand America for getting mad about 9/11. but they did what they wanted to do in Iraq. so they should leave. The solution woulb be to not have the whole army over seas when it doesn't need to be there." -Eric, 16.

Note: Some of these responses come from the same students in the blog post: Understanding Disdain for America.


Anonymous said...

Ok, let's talk about the teenage brain and why they think love will cure the world's issues. When these teenagers grow up, get a career, a family and bills, they will get a real world view about what is truly wrong with this planet. Want an early clue? It's lack of accountability. That's a big word. Sound it out if you need to. A - count - A - bility. That means you stomaching the results of your actions, good or bad. It's YOU and everyone around YOU owning up to their wrongs and trying REAL HARD to fix and not do them again. It's about not blaming your parents and your teachers and the government and religious nuts about all your problems. It's about growing up, being a man or woman, and taking accountability for your actions. It's about treating people with the type of respect you want even though it's not being given to you. Here's the thought of the day, if everyone took accountability for their own actions, treated each other with respect and knew that what they get in life is dependent on how hard they work for it, then the world would be a much better place.

jonnyblog said...

I agreee with the above, but by compasioniatly loving everyone you will just naturually be acountable for your actions becuase you lovingly care for the people around you and do no harm to them. I think lack of love and the definition of love is the biggest problem in the world.

sixtyfootersdude said...

Good point both of you.

Anonymous: I think you are correct But lots of times it is unclear who should be accountable. For example lets look at global warming. Should consumers be responsible for purchasing cheap environment-damaging goods, should the government be responsible for not putting in relations or what about the companies that produce the goods?

Hard question.

Maybe "love" could solve the issue..?

Anonymous said...

"The Biggest Problem In The World" resides BETWEEN your legs!

....or should 'we' say, causes the 'most/biggest' problems?

Mandilon said...

SECOND 2 the above would B wussies!

Women have ruined the world only because there were NO *men* around to 'control/guide' them!