Thursday, February 09, 2006

When You Get an E-mail to Take Out the Trash

The online world is complete...there's everything you've ever wanted online. I ran across this web page in a little blurb in Kiplinger's, the personal finance magazine.

There's a website,, where you can create an account and it will generate and equitable chore list for the people in your house based upon the chores that you will even mail your chores to you!

Any one want to try this out and tell me how it goes??


Anonymous said...

Go on, try it yourself I dare ya :P ;)

RC said...

I noticed that Rimu is very much associated w/ fact, Rimu's name appears in the graphics on the website.

I guess chorebuster found this site.

--RC of

Andy said...

My wife signed up for an account on the ChoreBuster site and added tchores for the both of us.

We've found it really handy - even if it's just to save the "yeah, but I did it last time, it's your turn to clean up the dog poo in the garden!" arguments. ;) You can lay out a chore plan in advance, with recurring chores and assign different weights to them and such.

I'm sure families with kids would also find it very handy.