Thursday, March 02, 2006

5 things I liked about Murderball

Murderball is an academy award nominated documentary about the sport Murderball, particularly the American team as they head off to play Quad Rugby in Greece.

1. Even though the characters were handicape the film did not over sentimentalize their accidents/brushes with death.

2. The film was partially built up around the paralympic games in Athens, Greece but the climax was not whether or not they or Canada would win. (There's certainly been a lot of contest documentaries, read my post here).

3. I learned about the paralympic games. They are a whole lot more serious then I ever would have imagined.

4. I've never really thought before about how many quadriplegic people would probably be adventerous people inclined to participate in highly competitive and dangerous activities, even after there accidents.

5. I thought that the quick paced MTV-influenced editing helped tell the story well because it set the perfect tone for the youthful and adventerous story.


Will said...

I enjoyed this film as well - and for all the reasons you mentioned. I am very happy that the "big game" did not shape the entire story. Too many films and docs suffer from that kind of generic storytelling.

Kimberly Ann said...

I agree. This film did a good job of storytelling. It was interesting and I walked away having learned something new.