Friday, March 03, 2006

The Conclusion of the RC Showdown

So, the votes are in...and I have recently heard some gumbling about wanting to know about the other RC's e-mail to me I mentioned earlier.

The votes were practicly unanimous in favor of me keeping the name RC. Some people suggested possibly using a moniker like Strange RC,StrangeRC, Mr. Peakaboo, Stranger C, & Bizarro RC. (Jonathan mentioned that he liked Shane, but I don't think he was recommending a name, but responding to a comment left by Shane). Many people also encouraged and liked the usuage of the closing "RC of strangeculture."

So, it would seem official that my handle for this site would remain the same, but one last thing that gives me peace in this decision is an e-mail I got from the other RC.

I don't really think of it as something to vote about, though it's a funny

But you're probably right: so far we haven't overlapped too much.

If I post any comments at any of your usual haunts, just let me know
andI'll defer to your precedence there.


Hum? He will defer to my precedence, that sounds like power...I think that would also imply that he doesn't want me to visit or comment on this blog since this is where he saw my names and I think he is referring to the fact that he precedence there? hum? can't really see it happening.


Anonymous said...

Is there some misunderstanding? I have not suggested that you not read certain blogs; and I don't mean to suggest we obtain each others' approval in advance before commenting for the first time somewhere.

However, it would be good if we could agree to resolve any collisions in a logical way. Here's what I propose to do: if I find (or am informed) that you've commented at a certain blog before I have, I will defer to you there: I will modify my signature in any subsequent comments there. I ask that you do the same for me.

Therefore, for example, I am asking you to sign future comments differently at churchofthemasses. For my part, I will use a modified signature when I comment on your strangeculture blog or indeed any other blog, if I know that you commented there first.

If you have any good ideas for some other rule to minimize the name collision, I'm willing to hear them! For now, the one I've proposed seems evenhanded and easy to implement, so I will follow it, even if you don't agree to reciprocate.

All the best--

Kimberly Ann said...

This is really funny! Maybe I should let every other Kimberly I meet know that they will need to go by a different name when I am around them. . .hum. . .