Saturday, March 11, 2006

Academy Award Nominee Beyonce?

In conjunction with my out of control Academy Award obsession I have begun wondering who will be the hot names of 2006 to get nominated for the 79th Academy Award show in 2007?

Is it possible that one of those hot names could be Beyonce Knowles? Beyonce will be staring in the film Dreamgirls based on a broadway musical and adapted and directed by some guy named Bill Condon. (Bill Condon won an Oscar in 1999 for his adaptation of Gods and Monsters and a nomination 2003 for adapting some stage musical called Chicago...hum? maybe this guy has a golden touch? Note: Rob Marshall directed Chicago, while Condon got accolades for the screenplay...Condon followed up Chicago with his direction of the film Kinsey.)

Dreamgirls stars Knowles playing Deena girls (pictured center above...I tell you the truth!). Who else is in that picture?? On Beyonce's left in Anika Noni Rose (a stage actress who won the Tony Award in 2004 for Caroline, or Change). But more buzz worthy on the pop culture scale is on Beyonce's right is Jennifer Hudson who was a contestant on American Idol. To continue to combination of Critical and Pop Stardome, Jamie Foxx will also be in this film. (If Walk the Line was the white-version of Ray, this is the female trio version of Ray, starring the "Ray, I gotta woman guy"). Note: Danny Glover and Eddie Murphy get top billing on this as well.

This seems to be a little more than The Fighting Temptations (also with Beyonce, but that time with Cuba Gooding, Jr.). In fact Dreamworks has scheduled this movie to released December 22, 2006. Prime award season.

Does the academy love Beyonce? Will they love this picture? They've shown themselves to adore actors playing musicians the past couple years...but what about musicians playing musicians? For those who recall in 2005 Beyonce was at the academy awards as she sang all the nominated songs.

The official website is for the film is

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Chargenda said...

I am hoping that it rocks and have high expectations for it.

Anonymous said...

Well, Diana Ross get a nod for Lady Sings the Blues. I don't think it's completely out of the realm of possibility for B to get a nod, though it's most likely a long shot. My biggest concern right now is that justice is done to the stage version. With Condon's pedigree, I think there's a good chance of that. If he pulls a great performance out of Beyonce (which I think both he is capable of doing and she is capable of providing), then who knows?