Saturday, May 23, 2009

Blackberry In The Bathroom


Every time I use the restroom at work I hear the clickity clickity of someone texting on their phone or surfing the web while they are sitting on the can in the bathroom stall.

Now, for all intensive purposes there's no need to be paying attention to bathroom sounds, and if it were up to me all bathroom would contain noise (and smell) canceling devices...but alas, that is not the case.

But it really bothers me that people are using their phones will doing their most private human activity.

I am glad that personal communication devices are so personal that we don't commonly share other people's cell phones, because the thought of someone shuffling the toilet paper in one hand with their phone in the other so they can use their thumbs to twitter on their iphone is absolutely disgusting.

And what are you googling anyways. Can't it wait?

Which has led me to another thought...for as much as we touch our phones, we probably don't clean them enough...I don't even know if people know how to clean their phones in a way that is sanitary and antibacterial.

But honestly, you hear someone facebooking on their blackberry and then when they wash their hands they do their special paper towel maneuvers to make sure they don't touch the restroom door, but moments later their touching their phone they were touching intermittently while wiping their anus?

Some people like bathroom reading material, but please must you read your favorite blog while you're in the public toilet stall.

Is it because you're at work and you feel like this is your chance to catch up on your personal e-mail? Is it because you don't know how to just sit for a moment and take care of your business? Or are you so addicted to your crackberry that you can't even let it go to cleanse your colon?

I can't even begin the fathom the human health issues associated with this trend, but I feel like the Center for Disease Control should be aware.

I really don't want to touch your hands if you recently have been touching your phone. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Right on...We have a woman in the office building who routinely leaves her rhinestone studded blackberry in the stalls. The first time I found the phone and turned it in to the receptionist of the building, the receptionist said, "oh, not this woman again." Which leads me to believe that she does this often. I headed straight for the anti-bacterial gel dispenser on the wall (I work in a hopsital, so at least it is easy to find a way to disenfect.)

Beth said...

I won’t even take my cell phone out of my purse in a public bathroom stall – I want out of there ASAP!

(thanks for the visit)

Jon said...

I hear ya. This isn't a big consolation, but that's one strange reason I like the iPhone. It can still hold bacteria, but it's a flat surface - less places for it all to hide like those blackberries. And I actually have wiped mine down with a disinfectant wipe before (I know - odd...but it was when grete was sick and used my phone :)).

RC said...

@ehome, that's so embarassing, and the fact that it happens multiple times is really shameless. We'd never talk on our phone is a public bathroom, but here we are using the other communication options -- it's nasty!

@ beth -- here, here! I think that others don't mind lingering. I appreciate your dillegence.

@jon, that makes sense to me. I think more companies should tackle ways to handle this problem. Aren't Croc shoes anti-bacterial?? Maybe Croc should develop a thin antibacterial cover or something. And I have alchohol swabbed down my cell phone before, it's honestly pretty crazy what dirt and grime collects.

Magnus said...

We used to call them "crackberries" when I worked at SFU.

Dad said...

Hygene snobs. All of you.

J Vie said...

Sooo true, It's sad really that people have to bring their cell phones to the bathroom.