Thursday, March 16, 2006

Jack Johnson - Media Sage Vol. 2 (Cookie Jar)

"On and On" was my 1st Jack CD purchase ...but the CD is lost (did you borrow my CD and not give it back??? If you did I want it back.)

I love the song, Cookie fact it's probably my favorite Jack song, which is probably wierd to Jack Johnson fans, because it's certainly far from one of his most popular, but it was this song that convinced me I needed to buy the On & On CD.

You can check out all the great lyrics here which have a lot to with the blame game that can occur with youth violence specificly. (This song is not about Chocolate Chip Cookie loving...if you blog searched Chocolate Chip cookies and found this, I'm sorry).

Here's the media lines from the song Cookie Jar:

You cant blame me sure the killer was my son
But I didn't teach him to pull the trigger of the gun
It's the killer on this TV screen
You can't blame me its those images he sees
Well you can't blame me says the media man
Well I wasn't the one who came up with the plan
I just filled my camera with what the people want to see
Man it's a two way mirror and you cant blame me
You cant blame me says the singer of the song
Or the maker of the movie which he based his life on
It's only entertainment and as anyone can see
The smoke machines and makeup
Hey you cant fool me

And I would turn on the TV
But its so embarrasing

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1 comment:

Will said...

I hate it when people borrow stuff and don't give it back. Hey, RC, did you see the SNL skit this year, "Jack Johnson's Shoes that Look Like Feet"? It was rather funny.