Sunday, October 27, 2019

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

I recently finished Mad Max: Fury Road. I had given it a shot when it first came out on DVD, knowing it was a critically-acclaimed fan favorite. But maybe 20 or so minutes in, my wife and I lost interest and we never picked up again.

Then came the Oscars -- 6 wins (largely in technical categories), but it did have the picture and director nomination as well. And I just couldn't get excited enough to pick it up again.

I suppose I'm shocked when I hear of different people who love this film -- some very surprising, but clearly can identify, it's not my style film.

Had it not been one of the top 250 films I hadn't watched and so, the other night I started from the beginning to give it a fresh start and finished it this time.

I suppose, much like my recent feelings on Logan, I can't get as excited about this film as some others - maybe it's a personal bias that doesn't connect with these dry desolate violent wastelands. I can appreciate the make-up, the action, the sound, the use of female's as lead action-stars. But the appreciation ends there, with me crossing it off the list and moving on.

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