Tuesday, March 07, 2006

LABELS (A Store Concept)

I was talking to some highschool students today about how fun it would be to set up a store called Labels that was made for people who were wanna-bes/posers and people who didn't know how to find close that matched their "genre of style."

The owners of the stores would buy clothes from other stores, mark them up, say 10% and sell them broken down into sections so that you could buy clothes that matched your style. The catch is that these style would be labeled, so if you don't know what was and was not Emo, you wouldn't need help because it would already be classified by genre.

Here's a list of the sections we figured you could easily market:

Punk Rock
Metal Head
Gangster Thugs


Lewis Perdue said...

Probably need a label for all the people writing Da Vinci Code "readalike" books!

Unknown said...

You forgot one of the basic genres - Nerd.

Lewis Perdue said...

Hmmm ... is "Nerd" a chosen label purchased off the shelf? Or are nerds labeled as such by others for making up their minds and not going along with the other categories? My experience working with engineers and programmers is that, while they seem alike to a non-techy, they are pretty damned indiviualistic.