Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tom Hanks Would You Make me a Cinnamon Latte?

Love it or hate it...Starbucks is taking over the world.

Everyone loves to use every media avenue they can to bust into our daily consciousness, and if product placement wasn't enough...welcome the new movie: "How Starbucks Saved My Life."

And Tom Hanks is slated to star in the film!! (At first I thought maybe this film would be a little less controversial than the Da Vinci Code, and then I realized perhaps it could be equally controversial...because EVERYONE seems to have a Starbucks opinion).

The movie is based on a fiction book proposal by Michael Gates Gill (no idea who he is) and is at this point said to be directed by Gus Van Sant (Elephant, Finding Forrester, Good Will Hunting, Even Cow Girls Get the Blues, My Own Private Idaho, Drugstore Cowboy).

If I were casting director I see if Jennifer Aniston could be in this film and act as a Starbuck's barista...for some reason I can picture that?

In the film Tom Hanks would play a guy who's laid off work at his real job and ends up getting hired at Starbucks when nothing else will work out. He works there supporting his family.

Please Place Your Starbucks order with Tom Hanks in the Comment Section Below.

Note: I love the post here at Heckler Spray about the new movie, also I first heard about it from this Looking Closer post. The picture above is from this site that has pictures of a 2003 Christmas parade in Milwaukee that featured this scary and ominous Starbucks float.

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Lesley said...

I think the plotline would involve a complex series of events in which a stressed-out-with-life Tom Hanks plans to kill himself to escape the mediocrity, but in talking to the guy behind the Starbucks counter every morning when he gets his tall decaf cappuccino, he gains a new perspective on life and realizes that he has something to live for. Starbucks baristas are the "friendly bartenders" of the next generation.

p.s. The Jennifer Anniston thing totally works because she was the coffee shop waitress in Friends for so long.

poppedculture said...

There is no doubt Starbucks has bought Tom Hanks, much in the same way AOL hired him for You've Got Mail and FedEx had him doing their biding in Cast Away.

Oh wait, that's cynical. I'm sure it will be a lovely, uplifting film.

Magnus said...

My dream cameo:

"Yo! Tommy boy! I ordered a venti, soy chai, no water mocha with cinnamon syrup and nutmeg on top. You made this a latte with water, regular dairy, pumpkin syrup, and the cinnamon sprinkled on top. Make this again and call the manager over so I can a free drink coupon to make up for your incompetence. I'm keepin' an eye on you so don't even think about going all "Fight Club" on me."

Paula said...

Tom, I'd like an iced half-sweet vanilla bean latte please, with an extra shot of espresso.

Thank you very much.

I mean it, half-sweet. If it's too sweet, I won't drink it.