Friday, March 24, 2006

Tortialla Chip Jesus (It Still Could Be Yours)

I love ebay where would this world be today with out it? Certainly with out this miraculous tortilla chip.

Found this very unique ebay item today on

There are many really funny things about this ebay posting beyond the fact that someone is trying to sell this tortilla chip is that the person who posted it has an incredible sense of humor.

Allow me to share humorous excerpts from the very long ebay posting:

After reading the entire “Left Behind” series by Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins, and watching the 700 Club regularly, I can tell you that I’ve learned more about theology than anyone needs to know. Those guys are blessed with brilliant minds, aren’t they!

My eyes have been opened to the Truth. Ancient prophecies are being fulfilled every day. Choices are made…the stage is set...The Rapture is Coming. Even Oprah and Britney Spears know what I’m talking about.

As you can see from the photo, this is a perfectly-formed, round tortilla chip with a clear and distinct drawing of Jesus on it. It is so clear and distinct; it looks EXACTLY as if someone drew this picture on the chip with a Sharpie marker.

When the bidding reaches $5,000.00, I’ll include FREE shipping AND the Tortilla Chip Bag that once held the Holy Chip, AND a custom-made reliquary, with real gold-leaf trim, in which you can display the Holy Chip under glass for all to enjoy, AND I’ll send you a jar of pickles.

I’m not interested in your religious hatred, so don’t try to send me any supercilious email. Send your whining to Falwell and Robertson and Dobson instead, OK?

again, to see it for yourself the ebay listing can be found here.

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