Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Untitled, 1990 by Adam Fuss

See this image on the's the likeness of 5 photographs that I saw at the Modern Museum of Art in Fort Worth, TX.

Currently the Modern has a mini display of Adam Fuss' photography, which is very unique. By far the most interesting thing to me was 5 photographs of children (Untitled, 1990) in which Fuss used geletin silver prints to capture childrens pictures in such a way that you can hardly tell there's a picture there at all.

I stood infront of these five black "pictures" saying "What in the world is that?" and then came to realize that they very faintly you could find pictures of children in each of the black photographs, and it wasn't as much about angles or standing a certain distance away, but about looking long enough that a really dark black differentiated itself from a semi-dark black.

In the brochure we received describing the work Fuss said, "...the human body grows through nutrition and the internal body grows through attention."

I thought this was an interesting concept, and in order to see the children at all in these pictures you had to pay a lot of attention.

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1 comment:

Paula said...

I live in the bland, boring prairies of Alberta....or are they? A person needs to get out of their car and actually go for a walk to find the beautiful little flowers hiding in crevaces of dried dirt, to come upon the little coulee filled with brown-eyed susans, all following the sun with their brown eyes....

...some beauty is hidden. I'm glad you took the time to ponder the dark photographs and find the treasure hidden there. It's kind of like how we have to look at people.