Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Another by Roth: The Good Shepherd

Eric Roth...a relatively unknown guy to mainstream America. He's a writer and you've probably seen at least one of the movies he's written the screenplay for...

Forrest Gumps probably his most famous...he also written and adapted the Postman, the Insider, the Horse Whisper, Ali & Munich. And so when Eric Roth writes something, I pay attention. His screenplays are often complicated but usually intriguing and attract some critical attention.

I mentioned a few things last week about Dreamgirls coming out in December...and coming out the same day as Dreamgirls is Eric Roth's most recent script to come to screen called The Good Shepherd which is to be released wide on December 22nd (for prime awards buzz no doubt).

The Good Shepherd is directed by Robert De Niro and stars Matt Damon predominatly (how bizarre to be in Good Will Hunting & The Good Shepherd, hum?). The plot sounds crazy and complicated with Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie & Joe Pesci all tangled in some unique shinnanigans. The discription at Yahoo Movies is confusing in itself...basicly as I read it...during WWII, Matt Damon goes to Yale and is accepted into a secret society (Skull and Bones). He finds himself working behind the scenes of military intellegence and in a world of moral, ethical and personal conflict.

All I got to say is Eric Roth...you never seem to run out of complicated stories (of which the Insider is a personal favorite).

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Janet said...

I know of Tim Roth and David Lee Roth. I even once knew a girl named Katie Roth.

But nope, never heard of Eric Roth.:(