Thursday, March 30, 2006

Update: J-Lo, Co-pilot Jesus, Speilberg, and Gum

Update: Tortialla Chip Jesus (It Still Could Be Yours)
Well it can't be yours anymore...the auction ended and it sold for $27.66 with 28 bids...demerging (of where I originally heard of this chip never bid above $13.07) and so I ask...if you won this tortilla chip please oh please inform us here of your intentions. We desperatly want to know.

Also...the auctioneer of such fine products is now selling his broken 1985 audi with standing water, no seats and broken steering. See his ebay auction here to see how he is using Jesus as his son's momentarily-absent co-pilot to market the vehicle.

Update: Unlucky 13: Danny Ocean Style
Seen a few post including this one at The Movie Blog that suggest that Ellen Barkin isn't flying solo as the only female talent, but Jennifer Lopez might also be in the film...nothing official, just blogosphere rumor as far as I can tell.

Update: Non-Protesters Arrest in the midst of Fort Worth Student Prostests
The arrested student was released after a little over 3 hours with her resisting arrest charge. Fortunatly she is only 16 so this will not go on her permanent record.

Update: Mel Gibson and the Passion Crowd
Mel Gibson's next project after Apocalypto looks like it will go sci-fi and I imagine will most likely be in English. It's a film called Push you can read about it here in this Variety article.

Update: Geriatric Indiana Jones
It seems like Indian Jones 4 is still a go, the question is just when. An article on Spielberg Films (a fan site) draw attention to the confussion in conflicting reports as Steven Spielberg appears to be taking the year of 2006 off from filming, but also there is information out there about Indian Jones 4 coming out in 2007? Hum...stay posted.

Update: Meet Ben Bernanke
Bernanke on Thursday with his first meeting with the Fed raised the interest rate .25% to 4.75%. This interest rate increase (the 15th in a row) will likely be followed by more interest increases.

Update: chewing gum is healthy?
Brian Gorman of the montley fool wrote a great article for msnbc today (view here). The article talks about how Wrigley has established the Wrigley Science institute. There purpose? To see chewing gum can help in weight management, stress releif, and boosting concentration.

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Jon said...

Just what I needed! A broken car that doubles as a swimming pool!

Dustin said...

you may want to check this item out! Very interesting as well!

and a very funny story.