Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It's Worth Your Effort to Feed The Turtles

Two of my friends are the proud parents of two lovely turtles: Squirt and Slider.

While my friends were gone visiting a couple schools in California, they asked my wife and I to feed these two lovely turtles. (And I'm talking, go over once and feed the turtles, not a daily commitment at all...just dump the bag into the tank).

But when they came back they brought with them fortune cookies from San Fransisco that they had written messages for and had hand wrapped. (A bag had been prepared for us and for another couple friend of ours who else fed the turtles once).

Some examples of messages inside thes cookies include:

  • You will soon win a lifetime of motovational posters.
  • Do you have a day when you don't want to do your job. Yeah, that's like today for me. So this is all you're getting.
  • You're hot
  • You will move to California with your friends
  • In Bed
  • Turtles Love you and so do I -- Your Fortune Cookie
  • You'll soon eat a hard starchy substance.

The moral of story: Good things come to those who feed the turtles! Thanks J & G for your great friendship!

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Dad said...

Such a personal post! How rare and intriguing. How do you spell (in tree ging)? Man I screwd this comment up. If there were only some way to go back and edit it...

Dad said...

DUDE! Me and doug posted at almost exactly the same time. What are the odds?

Paula said...

You will soon eat a hard, starchy substance...Bwwa haa haa HAAAAA!!

What a clever present.