Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Proving Pain over 9-11

When I listen to sound bites of Moussaoui trial I wonder everytime...why does there have to be so much evidence to show trauma and pain created by the September 11th terrorism attacks? Does Guilliani have to testify, or do horrible 911 calls need to be played for a jury? And today they are to release the black box tapes from the cockpits of the hijaked planes.

It reminds me of a book I've been trudging through called Country of My Skull: Guilt, Sorrow, and the Limits of Forgiveness in the New South Africa by Antjie Krog. In this book Krog reports and digest the Truth and Reconcilliation Commission in South Africa in 1996 which Archbishop Desmond Tutu presided over. And there is a point early on in the telling and conveying of events and emotions that it seems like court testimony is no longer neccesary because the pain is obvious.

Such is the way I feel with this court case to convict Al Qaeda conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui. Does the tragedy of 9/11 need to be decided on?

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Anonymous said...

as long as they execute the basterd,who cares? limey

Lesley said...

the prosecution is being disgustingly manipulative--preying on human sensibilities that either still feel grief/anger over 9/11, or feel that they should still feel grief/anger over it; that's not what moussaoui is being tried for, and it's not what our justice system is supposed to be about.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think people tend to have short memories even with such extreme horror. I think the evidence, such as the tapes, needs to be in the trial for Moussaoui. It's important for the jury to remember what he was part of and what he was planning to do with another plane load of people. It's not about bringing up past hurt for sensationalism. People need to grasp the magnitude of what he's on trial for. Unfortunately/fortunately this is the evidence that is available. He was part of the 9/11 equation pure and simple. He would have done this to thousands more people. Yes, the tragedy needs to be included.